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Our aluminum coil available with thickness 0.5 mm-3.5 mm and width 800-1500mm,Customized sizes can be provided according to negotiation, we also provide a complete suite of aluminum coil processing services that includes slitting, cutting-to-length, leveling and shearing.


Specification of C&N Aluminum coil:
1) Series: 1050 1060 1070 1100 1200 1235 etc.
2) Series: 3003 3004 3005 3104 3105 3A21 etc.
3) Series: 4045 4343 etc.
4) Series: 5005 5052 5083 5086 5154 5182 5251 5754 etc.
5) Series: 6061 6063 6082 6A02 etc.
6) Series: 7005 7075 etc.
7) Series: 8006 8011 8079 etc.
4.Temper: O,H12,H22,H14,H24,H16,H26,H18
5.Continuous casting and hot rolled both available
6.Coil ID: 75mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 508mm or negotiable
7.Coil OD: per customer's request



Bright, polished, hair line, brush, checkered, embossed, etc

Packing: Stick blue film”śplastic film”śwaterproof paper”ś1~2 tons on a export standard pallet(corner protection


-Further making utensil.
-Solar reflective film3)The appearance of the building
-Interior decorating:ceilings,walls,etc.
-Furniture cabinets6)Elevator decoraction7
-Signs,nameplate,bags making.
-Decoration inside and outside the car
-Household appliances:refrigerators,microwave ovens,audio equipment,etc.
-The consumer electronics:mobile phones,digital cameras,MP3,etc

JIS H4000
ASTM B209, Standard Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Sheet and Plate
ASTM-B-210 Drawn Seamless Aluminum Alloy Tubes for General Purpose & Pressure Applications.
ASTM-B-221 Extruded Aluminum Alloy Tubes for General Purpose Applications.
ASTM-B-234 Drawn Seamless Aluminum Alloy Tubes for Condensers & Heat Exchangers.
ASTM-B-235 Aluminum Alloy Extruded Tubes.Superseded by ASTM-B-221, ASTM-B-241 and ASTM-B-429.
ASTM-B-241 Seamless Extruded Aluminum Alloy Pipe & Tube for General Purpose & Pressure Applications.
ASTM-B-313 Aluminum Alloy Round Welded Tubes,Manufactured from formed sheet and seam welded by continuous methods. .
ASTM-B-317 Extruded Aluminum Alloy Pipe for Electrical Bus Conductors.
ASTM-B-345 Seamless Extruded Aluminum Alloy Tubes & Pipe for Gas & Oil Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems.
ASTM-B-404 Seamless Aluminum Alloy Condenser & Heat Exchanger Tubes with Integral Fins.
ASTM-B-429 Extruded Aluminum Alloy Structural Pipe & Tube.
ASTM-B-483 Drawn Aluminum Alloy Tubes for General Purpose Applications.
ASTM-B-491 Extruded Round Coiled Aluminum Alloy Tubes for General Purpose Applications.
ASTM-B-547 Aluminum Alloy Formed and Arc Welded Round Tube.
EN 485-1 Technical conditions for inspection and delivery
EN 485-2 Mechanical Properties
EN 485-3 Tolerances for HOT Rolled Material
EN 485-4 Tolerances for COLD Rolled material
EN 515 Temper Designations
EN 573-1 Numerical alloy designation system
EN 573-2 Chemical symbol designation system
EN 573-3 Chemical Compositions
EN 573-4 Product forms in different alloys


Material Grade:
1100 - This low-strength alloy has excellent corrosion-resistance, has satisfactory anodizing and conversion coating finishing characteristics,

3003 - Excellent workability rating. May show some slight discoloration when anodized, but reacts well to mechanical and organic finishings. Is easily welded and brazed, but soldering is limited to the torch method.

5005 - Excellent corrosion-resistance and weldability, but would rate somewhat below 1100 and 3003 for brazing and soldering, and it is not the alloy one would choose for machinability. Typical end uses are decorative trim, utensils, mobile home siding and reflectors.

5052 -Excellent corrosion-resistance, particularly in marine applications,Fair machining with proper set-up. Typical end uses include fuel tanks, truck-trailer side panels, small boat hulls, truck cabs, bumpers, storage tanks and pressure vessels.

5083 - With excellent corrosion-resistance and weldability, together with high strength, this alloy was designed for welded structures requiring maximum joint strength and efficiency.

5086 - Has excellent corrosion-resistance and weldability. Can be anodized for increased corrosion-resistance,Typical end uses are marine craft, containers, railroad cars, structurals and elevator cars.

6061 - Very good corrosion-resistance and finishability plus excellent weldability and a strength level approximating that of mild steel, this is a popular general-purpose alloy.

6063 - A heat-treatable alloy developed exclusively for the extrusion industry and the most important alloy in the magnesium silicide group.

also, we available provide 1060,3004,3102,5454,6005,6060,6063,6066,6560,7005,7072,7075 etc

"H" temper-non-heat-treatable alloys / strain-hardened

H14 - Strain hardened (cold worked) without thermal treatment and 1/2 hard.

H22 - Strain hardened and partially annealed, 1/4 hard.

H32 - Strain hardened and stabilized by low temperature heating, 1/4 hard.

H34 - Strain hardened and stabilized by low temperature heating, 1/2 hard.

H111 - Applies to products which are strain-hardened less than the amount required for a controlled H11 temper.

H112 - Applies to products which acquire some temper from shaping processes not having special control over the amount of strain-hardening or thermal treatment, but for which there are mechanical property limits

H116 - Applies to products manufactured from alloys in the 5xxx series, for which the magnesium content is 3% nominal or more.

"T" temper-heat-treatable-alloys / thermally treated

T6 - Solution heat-treated and artificially aged. A stable temper.
T52 - Stress-relieved by compressing. Applies to products which are stress-relieved by compressing after solution heat-treatment,
T651 - Solution heat treated, stress-relieved by stretching and artificalially aged. Equivalent to T6 and applies to plate and rolled bar except 2219
T6511 - Solution heat treated, stress-relieved by stretching and artificially aged with minor straightening. Equivalent to T6 and applies to extruded rod, bar and shapes except 2024



Random/Fixed length range 5.8m~15m, depending on out diemeter.


Surface treatment:

Nature,Black painting,Transparent oil, rust-proof black oil or hot-dip galvanized.



Standard export, knitting bags, plastic end, in budle


Special design available according to customers requirement

 alloy Flanges

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